Monday, October 20, 2014

10 Current and Former Hadassah Foundation Grantees in #Slingshot1415!

We are very excited to announce that 10 current and former Hadassah Foundation grantees have been cited as being among the most innovative organizations in the Jewish community in the latest edition of the Slingshot Guide!

Current grantee AVODAH was once again on its national list of the most innovative groups; past grantees Hazon, Keshet, Mayim Hayim, Moving Traditions, and Yeshivat Maharat also made the list. Like last year, Slingshot once lifted up the accomplishments of feminist groups for its separate Women and Girls supplement. Past grantees the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance, the Jewish Women’s Archive, Lillith Magazine, and Shalom Bayit were named to this list.

Congrats to them all!

A full list of all the organizations in the Slingshot 14-15 guide, including the Women and Girls supplement, can be found here.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Shatil Visits the Hadassah Foundation

Today, we had the good fortune to meet with Foundation grantee New Israel Fund--Shatil.  Naomi Schacter, the associate director of Shatil (above, left) told us about the progress of a Foundation-funded initative to convince the Israeli government to support local, women's cooking cooperatives as the providers of  school lunches in poor communities. Several years ago, the government began to pay for hot school lunches in the "periphery." Shatil and its allies are working to ensure that local women get their fair share of these government contracts.