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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Improving Conditions for Contract Workers

Our grantee, the Haifa-based Isha L'Isha (board members and staff, above), is aiding women who clean buildings in that city's municipal buildings. These workers are employed by a contractor, who underpays them and denies them benefits. They are putting pressure on the city to employ them directly.

Integrating Arab Israeli Teachers into Jewish Schools

We started the day with a visit to Jewish elementary school in Haifa, where our grantee Merchavim has placed several teachers of Arab Israeli background. There is a surplus of Arab Israeli women trained as teachers, and a shortage of English, math, and science teachers in Jewish schools. The teachers we met, above, said they felt welcomed and at home at the Jewish school.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Supporting Female Entrepreneurs in South Tel Aviv

Our final stop of the day was to our grantee Microfy, which is helping female entrepreneurs like    Orly and Keren, pictured above, in South Tel Aviv, a depressed part of the city. Microfy provides training and on-going support to these women via mentoring and a business forum, where they can network and learn from each other.

Strengthening the Environment for Female Entrepreneurs in the Negev

At our visit to the Adva Center, we learned about the role of the Mayor's advisors on women's issues, a position every municipality is required to have--but only a handful fund as a full-time position. Edna Sabag, of the Beersheva Municipality, above right, is one of those rare women. Along with Adva staff, also pictured above, she has created a network for these women. Their new project, which is funded by the Foundation, is to improve the environment in the Negev for Jewish and Bedouin businesswomen. Three businesswomen from each of 20 cities in the region will create locally tailored efforts.

Securing Economic Rights for Israeli Women

Our grantee, Itach-Maaki, fights for the rights of economically insecure women in Israel.  Today, they told us about their efforts to help Bedouin women in polygamous marriages, especially when they have been abused by their husbands, and their work on behalf of the 30,000 (low paid) Israeli women who work as teachers' assistants, and who are ill represented by the main workers' union.

Training Women for Hi-Tech Jobs

We were in Lod to visit our grantee Machshava Tova, which is training women in app development for phones and other mobile devices. We wished a hearty mazal tov to program graduate Tikvah, above right (standing next to Ornit Ben Yashar, the organization's director), who will start a new, better paying job next week!

Finding Work for Arab-Israeli Women

Our grantee, Tishreen, is working with Arab-Israeli women in the lower Triangle region to find work. Their program focuses on job readiness skills, Hebrew instruction, and confidence building. Given the paucity of jobs in the different villages, the women are prepared for positions such as kindergarten assistants and cashiers in Jewish settings.